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Royal Game of Ur game bag

Royal Game of Ur game bag

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The Royal Game of Ur has a history spanning over 4000 years, likely originating with the Mesopotamians around 2400 BCE. It offers a perfect blend of strategy and luck, where fortunes can change in an instant.

Gameplay Overview

Players take turns rolling four D4 pyramid dice and moving one of their game pieces. Upon rolling the dice, you can choose to either move an existing piece or initiate a new one. Multiple pieces can occupy the board simultaneously, but be cautious, as having too many pieces may limit your mobility. If your opponent lands on a tile occupied by your piece, that piece is knocked off the board and must start over.

Throughout the board, there are five safe spots where your piece is immune to your opponent's moves.


How to Win

The player who successfully moves all seven of their pieces around the board first emerges as the victor. For a quick game, you can also play with fewer pieces, ideal for those 10-minute breaks!


Non-slip game pieces

Using special rubber pads on all the wooden game pieces I make sure your game won’t move around on you. These rubber pads make sure you can play on top of your game bag even when it is fully packed with items, or just when you have it laying in the bumpy grass.

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