About Kattenkwaad Design

Welcome to Kattenkwaad Design, a creative haven nestled in the heart of Utrecht, The Netherlands. I am Max, a passionate designer and craftsman dedicated to crafting unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing pieces.

In my humble workshop, the fusion of imagination and craftsmanship takes form. What began as a fervent devotion to creating bespoke toys and houses for our feline friends has blossomed into a broader vision.

Kattenkwaad Design has evolved to encompass an array of meticulously crafted products ranging from lamps and tables to art prints and picture frames.

At the core of my creations lies a commitment to sustainability and innovation. I breathe new life into recycled oak, infusing each piece with character and history. In my designs I always try to add some fun and creativity.

Kattenkwaad Design invites you to explore this world where craftsmanship meets creativity, where each piece narrates a tale of artistry and love for design. Join me on this journey where animals, plants, space, and design converge to inspire and adorn your surroundings.